I am working on payment options. Paypal seems to be the ticket for now. You do NOT need a paypal account to use your credit card/debit card. If you see something you like and wish to purchase please email me. At this time I cannot post the pipes or the Adult Items. You still may be able to purchase them. Email me and we will work it out. I do have another way for payment without using paypal. 
Body Jewelry
Largest selection
bioflex, surgical steel, titanium, white & yellow gold
Body Piercing
State & County Licensed & Inspected
Clean & Sterile
Gun piercings ~ outer ear only
Needle piercings ~ above waist only
under 18 parent must be present
Gifts, Incense, Jewelry

We also offer Home Improvements!
Come on in and check us out.
You can also find us on Facebook just type in Wytch Dragon in the search bar
Our store is usually open friday, saturday and sunday only. And from around 9 or 10 to 4 or 5. However, sometimes we can be open during race and bike weeks and sometimes the week before Christmas.
Products in our physical store can change constantly and it is impossible to be up to date with this website. So, availability on some items may vary and can change from time to time without notice. If you are looking for something specific and do not see it in the catalog, please just email me and I will see if I have it, or can get it for you.
We have made it possible for you to visit us through rain or snow, or whether you're just plain relaxing at home. You can effortlessly glance through page after page of our merchandise no matter what time of day or night.
You can even do a search for specific items. You don't have to worry if there is gas in the car, whether your hair is fixed up or even getting dressed in order to visit us.
The only thing you need is your computer, an Internet connection and a hunger to shop.
To save on gas and wear and tear on our vehicles, We will fill our orders during our open hours on the weekend. Unless we are already working at the shop for some reason or another. Additional shipping charges may need to adjusted for certain items. And we will ship as soon as possible. Usually in the same or next day. I always keep my customers posted on this.
If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to email me at WytchDragon@gmail.com with your request and I will see if I have it or if I can get it.

It's important to get your orders in on time and early for holiday rushes! *Prices subject to change without notice*

Orders are shipped only after payment is received.

Inquiries about your order should be sent to:
We also offer Home Improvement and Roofing Services.
If you would like a free estimate. Stop by our booth at the Flea Market or call. 
So sit back, relax and let's go shopping!
Thank You for stopping by.
Heidi :)

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